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Filed.CC reward program
We have an update for our discord Bot @Filed.CC#2550 and We launch a reward program in Cryptocurrency monthly value 10USD (in xDai or USDT on Tron Network) + 1,000,000 WRKZ to the winner of contest.

How do you select the winner?: We will pick a random users who have more than 1,000 points from the last 30 days.

What if all users have less than 1,000 points for the last 30 days?: We will bring half the reward to the following month (ie. increases by 5USD, becomes 15USD) and so on.

How to join?:

1] Upload files and share to friends or colleagues via @Filed.CC#2550 or via and you can track your points anytime.
2] Follow our twitter
3] At least one retweet from
4] Be in our discord guild
Reward program #2 increased:

[Image: image_cache_DQqcSm2rSkGH6jx.png]
That you're allowed to place leaders, however is not one way links, except when they're just authorised together with regarding niche. 구로호빠

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