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[Free TipBot] Multi-coins TipBot Telegram and Discord
Our TipBot was part of WrkzCoin community and also funded by WrkzCoin team. There are many available coins for tipping. After a year of testing in discord, we would like to announce it for public use.

  • Supported many BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XMR, LOKI, WRKZ, TRTL, DEGO and many more.
  • Faucet available via command take
  • Tipping is instant and stored in MySQL database
  • No TX fees for tipping: make as many small tips as you wish
  • You pay network fee: You pay only what you need to send via blockchain. Except some coins, you need to reserve fee before sending out to blockchain.
  • Other great features
Short video of our TipBot working in discord:
Join our discord and telegram for more fun: Thanks to our community and trusted users for testing a year now.
Thanks to DeroGold team for medium post:
Thanks to our community member to make this video of using discord TipBot to create digital vouchers and share to your friends.

* How to make a voucher using TipBot
* How to claim by a link or by QR scan with mobile
We have added a few fun games into our TipBot. Check out some videos of available games and earn crypto including WRKZ, DEGO, TRTL, DOGE and many others. Our TipBot is more than a tip bot.
And many others!
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howdy, your websites are really good. I appreciate your work.
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