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How to export private spending / view keys from GUI wallet into CLI
In another post, we made a little guide How to import paper wallet into WrkzCoin-GUI. This new thread is about how to export keys from a wallet created by GUI wallet to be used in CLI (Linux, Windows or Mac).

Assuming you are using Windows Wallet GUI, kindly download the latest build from here:

Export keys and save

[Image: original.jpg]

The keys will popup in a new dialog box. Copy them somewhere so that you can paste later in CLI wallet.

[Image: original.jpg]

Importing to CLI wallet

Download the latest build of WrkzCoin CLI from And start Wrkzd until it is synchronized with WrkzCoin Network and start zedwallet (keep Wrkzd running).

[Image: original.jpg]


[Image: original.jpg]

To export private spending and view keys from a graphical user interface (GUI) wallet into a command-line interface (CLI), you'll typically need to navigate to the settings or preferences section of the GUI wallet. From there, locate the option to export keys or view private keys. Once found, follow the prompts to export both the spending and view keys. These keys are usually exported in a specific format, such as a text file or a series of strings. Once exported, you can then import these keys into the CLI wallet using the appropriate commands or functions provided by the CLI wallet software. It's crucial to exercise caution and ensure that you securely store these keys, as they grant access to your cryptocurrency funds.

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