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How to export private spending / view keys from GUI wallet into CLI
In another post, we made a little guide How to import paper wallet into WrkzCoin-GUI. This new thread is about how to export keys from a wallet created by GUI wallet to be used in CLI (Linux, Windows or Mac).

Assuming you are using Windows Wallet GUI, kindly download the latest build from here:

Export keys and save

[Image: original.jpg]

The keys will popup in a new dialog box. Copy them somewhere so that you can paste later in CLI wallet.

[Image: original.jpg]

Importing to CLI wallet

Download the latest build of WrkzCoin CLI from And start Wrkzd until it is synchronized with WrkzCoin Network and start zedwallet (keep Wrkzd running).

[Image: original.jpg]


[Image: original.jpg]


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