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WrkzCoin - [ANN]
We just got WrkzCoin listed at FirstCryptoBank:
Updated (pre) v0.2.6.30

Import note:
  • Hardfork at height 302,400. Change algorithm form cryptonight lite variant 1 to cryptonight turtle lite variant 2 ( BLOCK_MAJOR_VERSION_5)
  • Introduce wallet-api (from TurtleCoin); and zedwallet++ (only in the source)
  • Mandatory update
If anyone would like to test the algo after we fork, please point your test with algorithm CryptoNightTurtleLite Variant 2:

We will leave it until we reach 302,400 height in the mainnet.

  • Mining address:,,,,
  • That is a test pool and please do not expect any payment from it in the mainnet.
A new pair with DOGE at FirstCryptoBank:
Fork height passed successfully. Updated main thread with algorithm: Cryptonight Turtle
Pub node list
New exchange added to the main thread:
We are now on CoinGecko:
POOL-EU and POOL-SG will be closed by Feb 28th, 2019. Please move your miners to POOL-US or any other WrkzCoin pools. All pending balance will paid.

Any issue with pending payment, can reach us at discord.
New release of WrkzCoin:

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