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xWRKZ on xDai Giveaway
To encourage people testing with xWRKZ in Honeyswap, we will giveaway 0.05 xDAI
and 50,000 xWRKZ per unique user. What you need to do:
* Follow our coin's twitter:
* RT the two tweets with your token's address (RT with same token address):
* Be in our Discord. Your Discord account shall be at least 1 month old.

* You need to use MetaMask or similar.
* xWRKZ's Contract:

* We will cap by 500 maximum users for this giveaway or until we close this giveaway (No time confirmation)
* How to add xDai to your MetaMask:
* MetaMask for your Browser Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge:
* After above, you can claim in #social-media of our Discord

Join our discord for more fun:

* xWRKZ - How to add liquidity pool in Honeyswap:
* xWRKZ on Discord TipBot and trade on Honeyswap:

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