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Free Mobile #VPN app for Android is available in:

* Playstore:
* Amazon store:

Feel free to discuss #wrkzvpn in our discord and rate our app 5 stars  Cool
We launch a reward program for the usage and testing of WrkzVPN. Each unique user who installed WrkzVPN in their mobile from Playstore or Amazon appstore, tested couple of days, rate their review in Playstore or Amazon appstore, shall get:
  • 0.1 USDT (via Tron Network)
  • 50,000 WRKZ (via tipping through TipBot)
  • 8,000,000 DEGO (DeroGold via tipping through TipBot, Thanks to DeroGold team)
  • You do not need to rate 4-5 stars. We need your honest review and rating Confusedlight_smile:
  • We target for the first 100 users for these rewards.
  • Expected end of first program this weekend.
  • For your convenient, you shall be in our Discord Guild and reward will start to pay off from your screenshot of review to @pluton#8888's DM in Discord
Things you can also help:
  • Share and recommend the app to friend
  • Keep testing it
WrkzVPN at Playstore:
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