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WrkzCoin - [ANN]
WrkzWalletShell updated with new wrkz-service latest build 125:
wrkz-wallet-pluton update 2.0.5:

* Mirrors of these binaries:
* Mixin default and limit to 1
* Node list fetching from:
* Update wallet-backend lib to 5.0.4
* Join our discord for more fun and updates:
We have an update WrkzCoin - Mobile Wallet:

* Mixin limit to 1 after fork height.
* Node list fetching from:
* Mirror:
* Playstore:
* Update wallet-backend lib to 5.0.4

Playstore may need 7 days or longer for rolling the update the new version. You can also use the binary in our mirrored link or github release. You shall be able to upgrade it without uninstalling the version installed by Playstore.
WrkzCoin passed fork height. Supported miners for upx2 algo:

* xmrig-upx:

* xmrigCC (Windows, Linux, CPU):

* XMRigCC (Windows, Linux, AMD GPU)

* teamredminer (closed source):

* android:
WrkzCoin turns 2! We would like to thank the community, miners, hodlers, service operators, followers for sticking around and following us on this journey. Though we haven't reached our timeline goals, we have tried our best to align what WrkzCoin meant to be step by step. Our dev team is always here with you.

WrkzCoin core, we have put our effort to make our network more and more stable, prevent attacker(s) from spamming with certain enforcement but with less impact on legit users, and also we contributed small tasks to our parent coin which we forked from TurtleCoin on LevelDB implementation. Thanks to zpalm for assisting!

Mining, we have used several different mining algorithms from early days including CN Litev1, CN Turtle, Argon-Wrkz and have now settled on cryptonight-upx/2 (aka cnv8_upx2) which is both GPU/CPU and small device (IoT) friendly. You can mine WRKZ alone or merge-mining with uPlexa for your bonus. Thanks to zpalm for assisting!

So far, you might notice there have been developments in these two years with a couple of useful bots such as TiPBoT  (public now), MarketXBot  (ongoing testing), CryptoBountyBot  (ongoing coding), and not so much outside of discord on the web yet. We will touch on the plan for web integration on off-chain/on-chain payment system, blog or web tipping system, some basic web trading and merchandise with MarketXBot. They are not available only on discord, but also on telegram.

Shout-out to the pool ops that have stuck around as well giving us a means to mine. The future of this coin is only as bright as the community wants it to be and we welcome anyone to help out being it coding, service op, social media etc to help spread the word about our great project and keep the ball rolling.

Cheers, and happy anniversary! WrkzCoin turns 2  Smile
We have a new recorded video about testing of upcoming version of WrkzCoin daemon

New Features:
* No *.bin files. Can sync from existing database.
* Able to export / import from LevelDB/RocksDB to raw data
* Save storage space ~ 25%-35%

Join our discord for more fun:
We have rolled out an update of WrkzCoin. Please download the latest binary release or compile from source from:

* Fork height 1,200,000 (~19 days from now)
* Implement dynamic Tx PoW from height: 1,200,000. (Thanks to DeroGold team). The wallet software wrkz-wallet, wrzk-service, wrkz-wallet-api will handle Tx PoW by its own.
* Space saving from removing *.bin files. You can sync from existing database, or import/export from/to blockchain raw.
* Chain size up to today:
  * Using RocksDB + zstd size: 30,713MB
  * Using RocksDB size: 47,501MB
  * Using LevelDB size: 47,519MB
* More notes in release page.

Thank you,
We have an updated Pluton Wrkz Wallet (2.2.2):

* Binaries:
* Mirrors of binaries:
* Support Tx PoW. Also ready to support WrkzCoin upcoming fork dynamic Tx PoW.
* Add support unlock height on transaction in next fork.

We are listed in Cratex.IO just now. Free to do some deposits, add liquidity. It's empty right now Smile


* Cratex.IO is using sub-address for depositing WRKZ
* Block confirmation 80 blocks.

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