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How to import paper wallet into WrkzCoin-GUI
(07-21-2018, 02:07 AM)Captain Wrote: I wrote this little guide if anyone find it hard to get started with the GUI Wallet. The process I am doing is under Windows 10 x64.

  • Internet & time (for sure)
First look
First time when you start WrkzCoin-GUI, the default connection will be EMBEDDED. You can change it in Settings -> Preferences. I personally prefer “remote daemon” connection and input the address & port as the image below.

There are three remote nodes:
  • Asia: (default port 17856)
  • Europe: (default port 17856)
  • US: (default port 17856)

[Image: medium.jpg]

You can select you prefer option among the three options. For local daemon, you need to have Wrkzd cli running as another process and wait until sync is complete. Local daemon can be downloaded from here

From paper wallet to WrkzCoin-GUI input
Assuming you have seed phrases ready. I just made one here:

[Image: medium.jpg]

Get some WRKZ from faucet
There is an available faucet running with fnf get some WRKZ by going to Wrkz Faucet Menu.

[Image: medium.jpg]

Go to File -> Restore from Mnemonic Seed

[Image: medium.jpg]

And input the seed phrases with the location where you need to save the wallet file.

[Image: medium.jpg]

It will take some time to restore with blockchain. Wait a while!

[Image: medium.jpg]

Once it’s done, you shall see the balance
[Image: medium.jpg]

Always backup your wallet
You shall always backup your wallet in a safe place. Disaster can happen anytime.

[Image: medium.jpg]

Sending some Wrkz to donation WrkzRNDQDwFCBynKPc459v3LDa1gEGzG3j962tMUBko1fw9xgdaS9mNiGMgA9s1q7hS1Z8SGRVWzcGc8Sh8xsvfZ6u2wJEtoZB

[Image: medium.jpg]

In block explorer:
[Image: medium.jpg]

A while, it will be clear in GUI wallet:
[Image: medium.jpg]

Thanks and enjoy!

I was having a bit of a hard time getting started with the GUI Wallet, I know this thread is pretty old, but I'm glad I could find your tutorial.

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