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WrkzCoin - [ANN]
Added new pools:
GPU miner ninjarig (xmrig fork) for argon2/wrkz:

Thanks to: & TurtleCoin
WrkzCoin mandatory update new release:

* Network fee 500.00WRKZ or 50000 atomic units at height 678,500
* Some bug fixes and improvement.
A few updates:
Join our discord for more fun and tips
We just roll out a new release of WrkzCoin:

Please download and run the update. We will have a fork height at 864,864. A few notes with new release:
1) Fusion tx will need also to pay a fixed network fee 100.00WRKZ after fork height.
2) Fusion will not be available with wrkz-service more. But other function besides this still work.
3) Introduce LevelDB as alternative DB Engine.

Mobile Wallet, Pluton and WrkzWalletShell will be updated and announced in our discord. Join here:


1) Pluton Wrkz Wallet update (2.0.4): Allow wallet owner to Enable/Disable Auto Optimization  (which requires network fee from fork height 864,864)
Get it from:

2) WrkzWalletShell update (0.3.16)
Get it from:

WrkzCoin has appeared in CoinMarketCap now

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